THIS WEEK … after TangoMayaFest

We arrived at Cancún on October 31, the evening of TangoMayaFest 2023. For the next few days, until we left yesterday morning, November 6, we soaked it up.

Not just the sun and sand (and rain!), not just the vacation experience, but mostly the wisdom of the body, by way of various tango teachers. Most mornings (only rained out once!) I taught a “yoga for tango lovers” class on the beach, connecting what I’d learned the previous day. My goal: to bring what I’m learning from tango masters together with what I understand about yoga in the service of opening our bodies to experience more creativity, more connection, and ultimately, more love.


Vanessa Winn was supposed to have joined us for a special class this week. Unfortunately, Vanessa has contracted COVID. We are hoping to reschedule for a Thursday in January or February.

Instead of the planned class with Vanessa I am going to offering you the first in a long series of classes based on what I learned at TangoMayaFest. I’m looking forward to this!

See you at 5:45pm-ish this Thursday, November 9.

-Rev. Hans

ps. I am “serializing” my book, Apprenticeship to Love, with regular chapters, monthly practices, quotes from teachers that inspire me. And yes, tango as art and practice are central to this apprenticeship. If you’re not already subscribed (free), please have a look. Please see